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Franz Graphics File Preparation Guidelines for Digital Printing Production

  1. Set the Width and Height to the
    desired finished size.
  2. Set the desired Margins. Minimum
    margin for text is .125”
  3. Set Bleed to .25”
  4. If you use a Slug for File details, set this distance at the Bottom Only.
  1. For a custom shape finishing, set
    the Stroke Color to “Dieline”.
  2. Color Type = “Spot”
  3. Set the Preview to 100% M
  1. Set the Compatibility to Acrobat
    8/9 (PDF 1.7)
  2. Export all Pages and select “Create
    “Separate PDF Files” if the document
    is Multiple Pages
  3. Within Options, select “Optimize for
    Web View” and “Create Tagged PDF”
  1. Set Compression to “Do Not Downsample” for Color Images
  2. Set Compression to “Do Not Downsample” for Grayscale Images
  3. Set Compression to “Do Not Downsample” for Monochrome Images
  1. Turn off All Marks
  2. Select “Use Document Bleed Settings” and “Include Slug Area”
  1. Turn off All Color Conversion and set the Profile Inclusion Policy to “Don’t Include Profiles”
  1. To import the provided Adobe PDF Preset from Franz, select “File/Adobe PDF Presets/Define.
  2. Click the “Load” bitton in the Pop-up and select the provided PDF Preset. ** This can be loaded into InDesign and Illustrator. **